Nightingale Club

Nightingales were the donkeys used by Kona coffee farmers to move their beans to and from the fields and mills before motor vehicles arrived in Hawaii. Photo courtesy of the Kona Historical Society, circa 1953.

We’ve had numerous requests for our Kapahi Bourbon from customers all across the mainland United States. Unfortunately, local, state and federal regulations, mob like distributors, and 2,500 miles of Pacific Ocean stands in the way of us delivering our whisky to those wanting it.

While the Kauai Distilling Company plays no part in selling, exchanging, or delivering any of our whisky to anyone beyond a licensed seller in Hawaii, we can, however, help like minded individuals form a connection so that the goods can be transported not by nightingales, but by modern means to those seeking Kapahi Bourbon.

So, if you are whisky lover traveling to and from Hawaii, and the mainland, or you are a connoisseur hoping to score a bottle of Kapahi bourbon we can use this site as a way of bridging the divide. Simply email us, and we will give you the passcode to enter our Nightingale club blog to see if a connection can be made to help you score a bottle of the good stuff.

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