Every journey begins and ends
on our farms…

… with a few memorable stops along the way!”

Kapahi Bourbon Whisky

Made from our Hawaii grown corn and the finest rye and barley grains, this American bourbon is painstakingly hand crafted to perfection.

Twice distilled, this fine whisky is traditionally aged for no less than two years in charred new American Oak barrels and is never blended.

The result of this handcrafted bourbon yields a delicately smooth, full flavored spirit that is best enjoyed with one of our Kauai cigars, and or chocolate. From our Hawaii farms and Washington distillery we hope you enjoy this very special liquor.


Special Orders Now Landing on the Mainland US!

Kauai Distilling Update

2022: After a two year hiatus (due to Covid-19) we are off and running again! We are preparing to plant corn, and Johnson Brothers of Hawaii is now commanding the distribution ship in the islands. This fall we will be distilling and filling more barrels of our Kauai grown Kapahi Bourbon Whisky in Spokane, and the first batches of our first 53 gallon, four year aged whisky will be headed to bottles if we determine the time is right. Stay tuned!

2020-2022: With the economic recovery in full swing, and Hawaii tourism rebounding to about 2/3 of what visitor arrivals were pre Covid-19 we are finally excited about farming again in 2022. The decision was made to not grow either cigar tobacco or corn, in 2020 or 2021 because our inventory levels were far in excess of the demand. Now with the massive increase in sales in Hawaii, and on the mainland we are looking forward to breaking ground again next spring. Perhaps the best part of barreled whisky and cigar tobacco is their ability to age and become even better with time! We are grateful that these artisan goods are truly pandemic proof.

First bottling of our straight bourbon whisky in November 2021! Exciting times.