The local bureaucrats and a few anxiety ridden neighbors living next to our Kapahi farm haven’t been able to see past their unfounded fears to allow us to distill our Kauai grown corn into bourbon.  After two plus years of regulatory compliance work, and with every federal, state, and county permit in hand except for the local Liquor Commission’s we were denied our right to distill in 2019.  The vote against our application was executed by four out of seven Kauai County Liquor Commissioners.  This was no doubt due to a campaign of lies and misinformation pushed by one neighbor and with a petition that included 32% of  non farming property owners living within 500 feet of our proposed distillery. This ruling directly conflicts with our right to farm that is protected by Hawaii law.  Unfortunately, the County of Kauai Liquor Commission and its “nanny state” government has caved to the pressure applied by the Kauai “CAVERS” (citizens against virtually everything).  As a result, container loads of Kauai grown corn, and tobacco continue to leave the island for processing and production elsewhere.  Not only has this been an easy, and simple solution, but it has yielded the finest Kauai grown bourbon and cigars!  The left wing pleasure police never end up winning, and this farmer continues to hang his hat on the idiocy of others.

“By following all the rules, laws, and regulations I’ve been beating Hawaii’s “nanny state” bureaucracy since 1993.  I’m confident that we will beat them again, and earn the right to distill our bourbon on our Kauai farm.  What is right and permitted by law is sometimes not enough for rogue factions of the local government and their officers.”
                                                    Les Drent, owner of LBD Coffee

Rest assured, though. We will be back on Kauai, and we will eventually build our whisky distillery on our island. When we do it will be far from the reaches of the ignorant nanny state, and the nasty non farming neighbors living on agricultural land in Kapahi. Until then we will continue making and enjoying some of the world’s finest bourbon with the vast majority of our neighbors who love and support us.

Ag processing center 1
Above:  Farm land and distillery building invested in by LBD, but not permitted on Kauai.  Below:  Shamefully, nearly 44,000 pounds of USDA inspected Kauai grown corn left the island for bourbon production in 2018.
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