MANA BECKS 201907231-100


With the first release of Kapahi Bourbon and Virgin Kea Moonshine scheduled for August 2019, we jump started the 2019 season by planting a large amount of west side corn.  A special 110 day Beck’s hybrid whisky corn, hand selected by the great folks back in Atlanta, Indiana was planted in April on fallow farm land near Polihale.  We are estimating enough corn, nearly 2,500 bushels, to produce another 100 barrels of Kapahi Bourbon, as well as 10,000 cases of Virgin Kea Moonshine.  Yes, that is nearly sixty thousand 750mL bottles of the cleanest, sweetest Hawaii grown spirit ever produced.  The mash bill for the Virgin Kea is identical to Kapahi Bourbon.  The only difference between the whisky and the Virgin Kea is that we take a tighter heart cut coming off the still, the spirit never touches wood, and the moonshine flows through a carbon filter before the final bottling.  The essence of this liquor captures the truest taste possible from our farms!  We will continue to update you on the progress of this year’s corn farm.